The logo, the brand and me

The logo

After many years of researching, trying out ideas, and creating more or less successful instances of a logo for my freelance business, this is actually the first time I have created something that carries a deep personal connection to me. I guess I can say that this is the first personal logo in the last 12 years that I’ve created that I can say I am truly happy with.

My family name, Lesh (Leš), according to some research done by my father and uncle some 20 years ago, originates from regions of today’s Czech Republic and comes from Old Slavic word for wood or forest (les). But actually, the whole name is connected to an old Slavic deity called Leshy, a god-protector of forests and all its creatures.

Slavic mythology lore says that, although masculine and humanoid in shape, Leshy is able to assume any likeness and can change in size and height He is sometimes portrayed with deer’s horns and surrounded by packs of wolves and bears.

There have also been several versions of the current wolf-deer-bear logo, one of which I’m showing you here, but the one I have eventually decided to use as my personal logo is the most refined, most minimal in its details and decorations, and the cleanest of them all. It is important to me that the logo is as basic, and as open to interpretations as possible. You may not conclude that this is a logo for graphic design services just by looking at three animals’ heads in a vertical rectangle but it will definitely leave some space for asking the question what this really is for and how did it come to be.

The brand

Neverone is an alias I have been using for a long time and in various occasions on various forums, storyboards, social networks, forums, games and ultimately design for at least a decade. It has proven to be a memorable and unique name that tends to stick in people’s minds. It is basically a botched abbreviation of “never like anyone” which I believe suits my philosophy perfectly because my goal is to always try and find a different approach to any problem or job presented.

In any kind of creative work and especially in design, one should never comply to only following trends and playing on the safe side. Designers are the people whose job is to come up with new ideas, to question current rules and norms, to play with the visual and by doing so try and evoke the purest, most essential emotions each and every one of us carries inside themselves. Because what is a brand if you don’t have an emotional connection to it?


I am not a businessman, not really keen on creating some large company, hell bent on dominating graphic design in general. I’m someone who, since my childhood years have been holding a pencil, a crayon or a brush in my hand trying to draw and paint things I would see around me. And with years my hands became less shaky, my moves more confident and my skill better.

It was while I was in high school and while working on my school’s magazine that I discovered graphic software and its ability to create shapes and things with mathematical precision and with end result being clean and crisp. It was then that I fell in love with graphic design.

My university years took me down a path that wasn’t directed towards design or art of any kind. However, while I was studying, I would still draw and design, more out of a hobby than a profit.

If you are thinking of hiring me to do your logo, to create your brand or anything else you might need, you can expect my absolute involvement and my complete dedication towards achieving your satisfaction and happiness. I guarantee you a visual that will stick for years to come. I will not stop until that is achieved and will not go along with anything less. I design with experience, with passion, swiftly and with style, not because I have to, but because I love to.