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Graphic design services

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Turning your ideas into timeless statements of graphic prowess.

Hi! My name is Ivan

And I’m a graphic designer and a full-time teacher. Design has been a passion of mine since my high school days. I specialize in logo design and branding for smaller, often family owned companies with traditions etched in hard work,  honesty and reliability.

I also often work with youth-oriented, progressive startups, and young businesses in general, seeking visuals that will clear out a straight path for their success. After over 12 years of practising and perfecting skills, and about 5 years of freelance work, I am confident to say that I can make you a design you’ll love.

People are often reluctant to accept the fact that the visual has always had a dominance over the written. Colors and shapes carry messages and emotions far quicker and more thoroughly than any word can. Those images and emotions get lodged in our conscious and subconscious and can actually shape our behavior and most basic personal preferences. That’s the true importance of a good design.


Graphic services that I can do for you are (but not limited to) the following:

Logo design

Logo, mark, wordmark or sign, essential cornerstone of any visual identity.

Visual identity

Complete creative process of creating something both personal and professional.


Logo, standards, typography, colors, solutions, the whole package.


Posters, magazines, books, booklets, T-shirts and other.


Letterheads, pens, lighters, business cards and much more.

Custom design

If you haven’t found exactly what you need among these, let me know. I don’t shy away from a challenge!


Selected works coming straight from my Instagram profile.


Also found on my Facebook page. Positive endorsement is always appreciated.


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Feel free to ask me anything, I always like a good challenge!