Logo Design

High quality logos for any kind of business or company. Several suggestions and color variations always included. Endless revisions until the design is just the way you want it.

Business Card & Stationery Design

An absolutely necessary part of any branding process. Things like document headers, business cards or any common every day object with your company’s identity gets imprinted in our brains almost permanently.

Website Design

Based on WordPress platform, whether it’s your blog, company or just for showing off.

Label Design

For bottles, jars, boxes or basically anything.

Brochure, Flyer & Leaflet Design

Want to advertise a new product or a special discount?

Book & Magazine Design

Includes cover design of your choice and/or page layout with basic prepress.

What You Get

Online Communication and Creative Work

I am available virtually always, listen to your desires, offer suggestions and ideas as the work is being done.


If I promise something will be done in two hours, it will be done in an hour and a half

Several visual suggestions

… and endless revisions until the design is just the way you like it

Final files in all major picture formats

.jpeg, .bmp, .png, .tiff, or any other.

Final files in vectors

Lossless, scalable vector formats (.cdr, .pdf, .eps, .ai) so that you can print it on both pens and business cards as well as on jumbo posters.

Backup, backup, backup!

If you happen to lose the files you receive, I always keep a copy.




(starting price)
  • WORDPRESS-based
  • Based on theme purchased by client
  • Possiblity of a CUSTOM THEME
  • Static info SUBPAGES
  • Dynamic content (BLOG)
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS integration

Branding Basic


(starting price)
  • LOGO (several suggestions)
  • BUSINESS CARD (several suggestions)
  • UNLIMITED revisions
  • FB PAGE with basic images and info
  • Final files in PICTURE FORMATS
  • Final files VECTOR FORMATS

Branding Plus


(starting price)
  • LOGO (several suggestions)
  • BUSINESS CARD (several suggestions)
  • UNLIMITED revisions
  • Final files in PICTURE FORMATS
  • Final files in VECTOR FORMATS


Ever since the ancient times, people have been striving towards a certain aesthetic balance and beauty in everything they created. And although each historical era had its own standards of beauty, some basic, practically mathematical standards remained a constant.

When I was a child, as well as most children, I was walking around with a pencil, trying to capture things I loved most on paper. I was always good with a pencil, a brush, or any other tool. And although my hand was shaky, my moves uncoordinated, I didn’t give up. But the ambition of becoming a famous artist somehow faded with growing up. By the time I was a teenager, I was called to participate in creating our school magazine. This was the first time I encountered graphic design, and then I couldn’t make heads nor tails of it. A friend of mine, who worked in a printing company at the time, showed me some basic steps in photo manipulation,  working with layers and vector design.

Learning to work in those programs was fast, skill became better with each year, but learning how to achieve that fundamental aesthetic balance and beauty was a whole other thing. I never went to any kind of art school or took any graphic design course. My university years were directed towards a different calling. However, even during my university days, I never stopped designing.  So it took years of painstaking practice, of ups and downs, of both screams of anger as well as shrieks of joy, to finally become confident enough to say – yes, I am a graphic designer.

Today, after over a decade of continuous practice, reading, studying and experimenting I am proud to offer you my services. For most of the skills I own I am self-taught, and the only things that got me through all those years were my stubbornness and dedication. It is the same stubbornness and dedication that I always show when working on any new project.

Each new job is a challenge of its own, no two clients are the same, yet the quality of my work, and my own dedication to it, is a constant. I am open to any questions, willing to discuss any job long before it has even started. I am not afraid of new challenges, not afraid to offer suggestions, or experiment with new trends in design.

If you have any questions, or interest in working with me, feel free to contact me. Every price is negotiable, every agreement achievable, and every job doable. Swiftly and with style!

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